Balinese Body Massage

1 February 2019

This exotic massage is characterized by favoring the relaxation and dissolution of the tension of the deep tissues of our body through slow and long movements made with the hands. In addition, these massages are performed accompanied by flavored oils, especially sandalwood, jasmine and sage.

Manual movements, performed with medium-high pressure, help improve blood circulation, benefit the functioning of the lymphatic system and regenerate our skin. In addition, it is usually done by covering the eyes of the person receiving the massage with bags filled with flowers, to achieve maximum relaxation.

Benefits of Balinese body massage in delhi

Eliminates stresses and overloads of the back.
Relax the muscles of the arms, from the shoulders to the tips of the fingers.
It promotes the drainage and circulation of blood from the feet and legs.
It clears our energy flows and improves blood circulation.
Strengthens the immune system.
It improves the mobility of the body in general.

A very important element of the Balinese massage is the environment in which it is performed: very dim light or room illuminated with candles and very soft music and totally relaxing. In addition, with the aromatic oils that are used, they give as a result the experience of a very pleasant time that will leave us totally renewed and eager to repeat.

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